Sunday, February 8, 2009

Relaxer Can Be Murder

It was hot. Unbearably hot. The scarf tied around Dara’s head didn’t make it any better. It had taken her two days to take the braids out, and another week of trying to hide her hair from the general public. Today she was in luck. Macy could work her magic on the unruly mop she was successfully concealing.
She arrived at the salon just in time to hear Nikki’s latest rant. Nikki was the loudest person Dara had ever met. But despite her penchant for high volume and loose lips, her clients simply loved her. And she was good at her job. Dara had seen her perform countless miracles on women who seemingly had no hope when they walked through the door.
“I know girl. I told that loser he was out of chances.” The entire salon had heard Nikki say that about her boyfriend for years and everyone knew she’d keep giving him chances.
The woman sitting next to Dara sucked her teeth and muttered under her breath. “She wouldn’t say that if she knew he was creepin’ with Macy.”
“For real?” a head popped out from the other side of Dara. “Nikki would kill her!”

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