Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Relaxer Can Be Murder

Luther strolled into the salon. His cologne overpowered every other scent. His eyes surveyed every lady in the room. He knew he could have any one of them, but Nikki had been his cash cow for so long, he didn’t think he could do without her.
He looked over at Macy. She sure was looking good. Luther was a creature of habit, and he was standing at Macy’s station before he knew it.
“Hey girl,” he wrapped his ring laden hand around her waist. “You better tell your husband to keep an eye on you. I just might steal you.”
Macy rolled her eyes and jerked his hands away from her. “Luther, I’m sure Nikki can’t wait to see you, so go ahead and make your way over there. I’ve got work to do.”
He held up his hands. “Okay mama. Just remember what I said.”

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