Thursday, February 12, 2009

Relaxer Can Be Murder

Nikki looked through the glass door and watched Luther wrap his arms around Macy’s tiny waste. Suddenly the lunch she’d just savored seemed to have turned into one hundred extra pounds around her already ample midsection. She dabbed away the small tear before it had the chance to ruin her makeup.
Dara was amazed. Luther worked the room like a sleazy politician. Nikki could do better. He flashed a gold-plated toothy smile at Dara. She was confused. Did he really think she’d be attracted to that? Luther was under the impression that she was. He slithered into the seat next to her. His cologne burned her nostrils, and his breath wasn’t much better. Dara needed fresh air. She gave Luther a curt smile and headed for the door.
“Oh Nikki,” Dara looked into Nikki’s moist eyes. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah girl.” She smiled. “Allergies.”
“Well,” Dara held open the door for her. “Luther is waiting for you.”

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