Monday, February 23, 2009

Relaxer Can Be Murder

Lucy carefully placed her new flat iron into one of the plastic crates she’d brought from home. She looked around the salon and almost felt sad that she was leaving her friends behind. But she caught a glimpse of Macy coming towards her, and she couldn’t pack her things fast enough. She grabbed the empty crate on the floor. There were only a few things left to pack, and she’d be out of there. She reached over and picked up one side of the small wooden bookends. It was heavy in her hands. For two years, they’d kept her style and beauty magazines in place. Now they would have to find another home.
Macy stood in the small entryway. “Make sure you take everything with you. I don’t want you coming back.”
Lucy’s grip tightened around the bookend, but she decided that it wasn’t the time or place to have it out with Macy. She tucked the salon key into her back pocket. They’d settle everything soon, when Macy least expected it.

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