Friday, February 27, 2009

Relaxer Can Be Murder

Dara looked at the pastries. The two large cinnamon rolls dripping with icing and sprinkled with pecans called her name. She was sure Macy would enjoy it too. If she hurried, they would still be nice and warm by the time she arrived.

“Do you really think you’re going to get away with this?” Macy touched the corner of her mouth. The fool in front of her didn’t know her very well. She lunged forward and threw a matching blow.
She hadn’t hit anyone in a long time and it felt good to bring someone to their knees. “Get up and leave now,” she turned her back. “And I won’t call the police.”
The first blow to the back of her head surprised her. A pain she could never explain radiated throughout her body. She tried to keep her footing, but the next two blows caused her to lose control of all of her reflexes.
Macy couldn’t see. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t hold on.

Dara juggled the bag and beverage tray, and finally managed to open the front door. “Macy? I picked up something extra for you!” She placed the goodies on the coffee table in the lounge area.
“Macy? Hurry up. It’s going to get cold.” Dara grabbed the bag and walked to the back of the salon. The bag fell from her hand. She wasn’t quite sure of what to think. This wasn’t the reception she was expecting when she ordered their breakfast.
Her hands fumbled around in her handbag until she found her cell phone. “Um…this is Dara Stevens. I need to report a murder.”

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