Monday, March 2, 2009

Relaxer Can Be Murder

The man was a fool. No other word or phrase could capture the essence of Chuck Thomas. Dara had no police training, but knew she could do a better job, with her eyes closed.
He wiggled slightly in his seat, quite aware of his pompous error. “We’d like two menus. And ma’am, we need to keep this conversation between the three of us. We don’t want to draw an even larger crowd than we have.”
Brenda nodded and headed toward the small greeting area for menus. When she returned, she placed the menus on the table. “Um, whenever you’re ready, just let me know.”
They watched Brenda disappear into the kitchen. “So, seems like you’re a regular around here. What was your relationship to the deceased?”
“She is…was my hair stylist. I came here every Saturday.”
“Every week, huh?” he looked down at his menu. “That seems a little excessive, don’t you think?”
Dara was finding it harder to tolerate him. It was not his place to say what was excessive or not when it came to her. “Detective, would you be at all interested in what I found this morning?”
“Yes, but first, let’s order.” He motioned for a waitress. “I’m starving.”

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