Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Relaxer Can Be Murder

Joey couldn’t believe he had to take time out of his busy morning to try to answer questions about something he knew nothing about. A small smile crossed his lips when he walked through the doors. Kandee sat in the battered chair in the middle of the waiting area. She looked like a lost kitten; just his type.
“Hey Kandee.” He laid his hand gently on her shoulder. “I see he summoned you too.”
Kandee was nervous. She’d never been inside of a police station, and it was worse than she had ever imagined. Joey’s strong hand gave her the comfort she desperately needed.

This would be fun. Chuck watched Kandace, aka Kandee through the blinds. She would fold like a lawn chair without the support of Joey Paulson. If he weren’t mistaken, he thought he could see sweat seeping through her pores.
“Kandace Miller.” Detective Thomas looked at her from across the small room. “It seems that you may have cause to want your boss dead. Any truth to that?”
Kandee wasn’t sure how to answer that. She wasn’t sure about anything. The smell, the pictures of wanted criminals, the gun perched on the detective’s hip were too much for her. “I…I’m not sure what you mean.”
“You hated Macy.” He moved closer to you. “She talked to you like a child; treated you like dirt. Word has it she berated you in front of clients when she made you get rid of your wooden statuette. So, I guess what I’m getting at is how badly did you want her dead?”
“I never liked the way she treated me, but I didn’t want her to die.” She wiggled in her seat. “It wasn’t always bad.”
Chuck flipped through his notes. “I think that’s all I need for today. Just make sure I can find you if I need you.”
Kandee gathered her bag and made a beeline toward the door. The questions had been tough, but she thought she handled them well.
“Oh! One more thing. Where is the precious statuette she made you get rid of?”

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