Friday, March 20, 2009

Relaxer Can Be Murder

Joey picked up his lucky rolling pin. “See, Macy was disobedient too, and you saw what happened to her.”
Joey held the rolling pin like a baseball bat. His eyes never left Dara’s face. “Macy tried to keep me from my dream and I had to take care of her. You,” he stepped closer. “are just cleanup work.”
Dara needed to buy time. “What dream was Macy keeping you from?”
Chuck held the gun in his hand. He had only fired his gun at an armed suspect once, and he never wanted to do it again. He moved slowly and quietly through the salon. The voices became clearer.
“Joey, my man!” Chuck stepped from behind a large partition. “What are you doing? I was just about to redeem my coupons.”
Joey blinked several times. He had a decision to make. The rolling pin came down hard and fast against Dara’s left arm. The sound of bone being snapped echoed through the empty salon. Joey held on to his most prized possession and ran through the back of the salon.
“This is Detective Chuck Thomas, 1414.” He yelled into his radio. “I need backup and squad at Hair by Macy in the Plaza. Suspect on the run. Injured witness inside salon.”
Dara collapsed to the floor. She really wasn’t sure what had happened. Her arm and side were on fire.
“Don’t try to get up.” Chuck stepped over her. “Help is on the way. I’ll be right back.”

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