Thursday, April 9, 2009

Stinky Is Good In A Garden Of Lies

Xavier and Dayna’s car barely came to a complete stop before they jumped out.
“If it isn’t Mr. Thoms.” Xavier ran to give Brad a bear hug.
Benny and Karen didn’t understand why Brad always seemed to shy away from the Mr. Thoms title.
“I’m only 5 years older than these jokers, but I was their history teacher their senior year.”
Dayna was unusually quiet, and the small group soon figured out why. Karen’s furrowed brow couldn’t hide her confusion as she watched Agnes walk up her driveway. Maybe the women of Greenstone dressed up to do their gardening.
“Looks like Agnes got all gussied up to see Mr. Thoms.” Dayna giggled. “It’s almost like we’re in first period again.”
Agnes suddenly regretted her decision. She had stopped by the mirror long enough to apply a modest amount of lip gloss. She tightened the knot on the scarf she’d so carefully placed on her head. The full length mirror allowed her to see her entire frame. The close fitting tank top and denim shorts showed her best assets. She smiled at her reflection. She thought she looked good. Now, standing there, she felt like a beached whale with nowhere to run or hide.
“Um, I just came over to let Karen know I needed to run an errand and then I’d be over to help with the garden.” She lied. “It’s good to see you Mr. Thoms. It’s been awhile.”
“Yep,” Brad picked up a large jug. “Well, it was nice to see you crazy kids, but I don’t want to get fired on my first day.”
Agnes said a quick farewell and made a beeline for her garage. She pulled out and drove down the street without ever looking back. It hadn’t gone well. His reception was cold; distant. But what did she expect?

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