Monday, June 29, 2009

“Sheriff Meeks,” a gangly young man dressed in khaki slacks and a crisp white shirt walked over to him. “Your wife is out of surgery and she’s going to be fine. Give her about an hour in recovery and someone will take you back to see her.”
Xavier pulled the car into his garage and waited for the door to close before he got out. The box had moved to the back of the trunk. He reached in, lifted it out and carried it to the small workbench in the corner. He was nervous, but it was now or never. He popped open the lid. He had always taken her side, given her the benefit of the doubt, but it never occurred to him just how evil she actually was. He slowly ran his fingers over some of the items before he plucked out four enveloped tied together by a black ribbon. In disgust, he tossed them back in. It was too late to turn in twenty year old college recommendations now. Nothing in the box was a surprise. In fact, he knew most of it already. But then his eyes fell upon the photos of Dayna. It didn’t take a trained eye to see she’d been drugged.
He stood in the backyard over the massive fire pit. There were two things he was certain of: the contents would never again see the light of day, and Donald Landau II’s life had just taken a turn for the worst.
The stabbing had stopped in her lower abdomen. She prayed it wouldn’t happen again.
“I’m pregnant.” She shook her head and placed her fingers on his lips. “I killed her.”
Xavier sat next to her and smoothed her hair. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He kissed her hand and held it close to his face.
She whispered. “I killed Patience. She was trying to take you away from me. I couldn’t let her do that. But everything is going to be perfect now. We’re finally going to have a baby.”
Xavier gently fluffed the pillows behind her. It had been traumatic for Dayna, and it was his job to take care of her. He kissed the top of her head. At that moment, he couldn’t have loved her more. It had nothing to do with photos, secret affairs or greed. She did it for them. She killed for him. That proved, without a doubt, that she would do anything for him.
“Just remember,” he whispered. “I’m the sheriff of Greenstone. You won’t spend one minute in jail.”

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