Friday, June 12, 2009

Stinky Is Good In A Garden Of Lies

“The two of you better be dressed and ready to go in twenty minutes.” Donald “Hitler” Landau yelled upstairs. “We promised Patience we’d give her feedback before she has her housewarming party.”
The twins sat in Donnie’s room, dressed in shorts and polo shirts, trying to enjoy the last few minutes of Wild Kingdom.
“A preview for a housewarming,” Donnie tightened the buckle on his belt. “Who does that? I mean, they didn’t even offer to spring for dorm rooms for us, so we’re stuck here.”
“Yeah, I know,” Gracie chuckled. “And how can you call it a housewarming party when most of the gifts have already come from them?”
They hated their parents, and couldn’t believe they were being dragged over there. But they used their time wisely. It was time to put an end to some of the chaos that came along with being around Patience. The twins didn’t want any part of it any more.
Donnie and Gracie looked at each other. They could hear “Evil Ava” Genevieve as she sang through the hallways, just biding her time until she dragged her prisoners into hostile territory.

“So,” she beamed. “Tell me what you think. It’s beautiful right? And you know what,” she stood in the middle of Donnie and Gracie and held their hands. “This house is so huge that I was thinking we could all live here together.”
She was excited, that much they could tell, and for a brief moment, they may have shared what was the closest thing to bonding as they would ever have.
“That way I wouldn’t have to hire anyone to do the grunt work around here ‘cause you guys would be here already.”
“Adolf” and “Ava” looked at each other. “That may not be a bad idea.”
“We’ll pass.” The twins replied in unison. The plan they had in the works was a better idea.

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