Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stinky Is Good In A Garden Of Lies

“You expect me to come up with $100,000 for pictures that you may or may not have of me? You really are stupid.”
“Exactly,” she smiled at him from across her kitchen table. “It’s not like your family is strapped for cash.”
Patience knew exactly what she was doing. He would pay, and in the end, he would pay more than her asking price. It always tended to work that way. But there was something unnerving about the look in his eyes. She couldn’t quite read it. She just knew it made her uncomfortable.
Brad tried to calm himself by breathing deeply and biting a hole on the inside of his cheek. Part of him wanted to call her bluff, but another part of him knew how dangerous the truth could be; if she really knew the truth. He pushed his chair back. He couldn’t look at her anymore.
“Where are you going Bradley?” she jumped up and ran in front of him. “Or should I call you Chester?”
He gripped her neck and slammed her against the table. He let go when he heard her head collide with the firm oak surface. “I…I’m sorry…I…”
Patience could barely breathe. Her back was on fire, but she knew she had to strike while the iron was hot. “When I call the sheriff, I’m gonna add assault onto your pedophilia charge. So what’s it gonna be Brad, pay up or jail time?”
Brad drove down the street and pulled over. He thought he was going to be sick. He hated Patience. She was an awful person, and for a moment, he wished he’d killed her when he had the chance. He laid his head back on the headrest. If Patience opened her mouth, she would ruin everything. Deep down, he knew that Agnes would never stay married to Larry. They were supposed to be together, raising their babies not that dummy Larry. He knew he could easily go into his parents safe and take the money. It would never be missed. A small smile crept up as he remembered what else was in the safe; his great grandfather’s .38 Smith & Wesson. He would grab that instead.

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