Monday, June 8, 2009

Stinky Is Good In A Garden Of Lies

September 1989
Patience sat on the sofa and giggled. She still couldn’t believe her parents bought her the house. Her friends got cars or mini vacations before college. But she got a house! She just wished she could’ve been a fly on the wall when her parents told Donnie and Gracie. She was willing to bet they went nuts.
She slipped on her flip-flops, walked through the house and to the back door. The landscapers had made remarkable progress, but she had to make sure they weren’t slacking off. Her parents would be there soon for their standing Saturday morning breakfast date and she was thrilled to show them the progress.
“Good morning, good morning, and good morning!” she sang
“Morning Miss Patience. This is what you had in mind to surround your fountain, right?” Scot Edy, owner of Scot Edy Landscaping, pointed to a corner of the yard. “And as you can see, we’ve already dug the hole for the concrete base. Doug can pour that tomorrow, and once it’s set, we can put your statuette in place.”
“It’s going to be absolutely beautiful! And,” she scanned the backyard. “Everybody will want to hang out here during the holiday summer season.”
He nodded in agreement.
She knew she was being watched. It was practically the crack of dawn. Her babies must be awake, that had to be the only explanation. It had been that way since her parents bought her the house. She didn’t quite understand it. But she’d been friends with Agnes all of her life and would never understand her strange behavior. Patience thought about turning around to glare at her, but decided to let her continue to peek out of the side of her cheap curtains. She would deal with her later.

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