Thursday, July 9, 2009


Sweet Petite is something I’m offering to serve as filler until the next short story arrives. It’s a short-short, so what you see is what you get! I hope you enjoy this addition.

There was no sense of urgency, and that’s what Anita needed from him. Anton should be sweating, were it possible. She could sense them closing in. They had a day, maybe two, to make it to safety. She closed her eyes, but nothing could erase the sounds of the others who didn’t make it. There was nothing she could have done. The enemy had been too large, too strong. They brought in the cavalry, spraying poison into their homes. They never stood a chance.
The ground beneath her started to tremble. It was now or never. They had to make a run for it. The explosion knocked her over. Unable to brace herself, she scrambled mercilessly on her back. The voices were closer and they weren’t certain how much time they had left to make it through the tunnel.
The final crash crippled her. She watched as the others made their way to freedom. Anton looked back. Their eyes made contact. Anita had been hard on him, but he couldn’t leave her.
The contractor tore out the last of the drywall and made a note of significant ant activity. This group may have gotten away, but the next ones wouldn’t.

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