Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Tessa’s was crowded, but they managed, with the help of the owner to snag a table. Tessa didn’t ask any questions, but when she handed them menus and poured the coffee, she gave her cousin a look that let him know he’d have to fill her in later.
“Thanks for meeting me. After last night, I wasn’t sure.” Even in sweats, she was the best looking woman in the restaurant.
Dara sipped her coffee. “One thing I understand is a hectic work schedule and impossible clients.”
Chuck controlled his breathing as best he could. He was nervous and didn’t know why. He had been alone with her before, so he couldn’t quite understand what his problem was.
“Yeah, if it weren’t for the job, I’d probably be married with two point five kids by now.”
“Could it be that you just haven’t found the right woman yet?”
Why’d she have to go and say a thing like that? He needed to change the subject fast, because if he didn’t, he’d probably find himself kneeling on one knee in front of her. Snap out of it! Grown men don’t act like that.


Dara hoped she didn’t come on too strong. She hadn’t dated since her last relationship had ended five years ago, and she wasn’t sure if dating rules had changed. Her girlfriends were always spouting the ‘modern woman’ jargon, telling her she needed to take a page out of their books. But it occurred to her that most of them were still single. If she wanted a fresh, new relationship that was built to last, she should start listening to a different set of friends. Or maybe she just needed to slow down a bit. After all, it wasn’t too long ago that she hated him.
She loosened the drawstring on her pants and took a deep breath. That was one of best breakfasts she eaten in a while. And the company wasn’t so bad either. Dara smiled. She was happy she accepted his invitation. And even happier that they had a date set for the weekend.

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