Tuesday, August 4, 2009


“Thank you so much for coming in.” Danica’s voice was soothing. “We’ll try to keep it brief.”
Tom Davis, one of the areas highest priced lawyers sat next to his client. He flashed a set of cosmetically altered teeth at the detectives. “I hope you don’t think separating the two of them will make a difference. My wife is in the next room with Mrs. Somers, and they won’t fall for any of your schemes either.”
“Oh, I’m sorry.” Chuck tossed the folder on the table. “I thought we were all here to find out what happened to Miss Somers. Apparently, I was mistaken.”
The cordial meeting of the minds was over. Rick Somers and Tom Davis had flaunted their affluence and Chuck was determined to slap them down.
“Mr. Somers,” Danica spoke up. “Can you tell us what happened on the night of the gala? Was there anything out the ordinary?”
Rick Somers shifted in his seat. His eyes slowly moved from Danica to Chuck. He focused his attention back to Danica.
“Tonya was my only child. When my Delilah died, she became my entire world. I…I just don’t understand why someone would do this.” He stared at the ceiling. “She was so happy. When Winston popped the question, I thought she was going to explode. I’ve never seen her that happy. Winston, on the other hand...”
“You don’t seem too convinced about their relationship.” Chuck tapped on the table.
Rick leaned back in his seat and crossed his legs. He continued to speak as if Chuck weren’t in the room. “Winston’s a fine boy, but I never thought he and Tonya were a good match. I just had the feeling he was never totally committed. You know, like he really wanted to be somewhere else, but he was in too deep and didn’t know how to back out gracefully.”
“Would Tonya have let him out?” Danica had been quiet up to that point.
For the first time, a wide smile formed on Rick Somers’ face. “Are you kidding? He was in until she said so.”
“Daddy, can you believe it?” Tonya beamed. “Tonight has been perfect. You should see the donation list. It’s absolutely incredible the way they’re pouring in.”
Rick looked down at his daughter. It was like looking at Delilah. “I’m so proud of you, and I know your mother is too.
“I hope you and Winston will join us for breakfast in the morning.” He put his arm around her. “I’m sure my two favorite girls can put their differences aside for a few hours.”
“Anything for you daddy.”
Danica looked up from her notes. “So the two weren’t pals? How’d you handle that?”
“Remember Rick, you don’t have to answer their questions.” Tom Davis crossed his legs. “In fact, I’d advise against it.”
“I loved Tonya more than anything, but we had an understanding. Be kind to my wife.”
“She would put me in a position where I’d have to make a difficult choice. One Tonya wouldn’t have liked.”
“One more question.” Chuck twirled his pen.
Tom stood and motioned for Rick to follow suit. “No. We’re done here. And in the future, I’d suggest you change your technique when dealing with my client. I’d hate to see you lose your badge.”
Chuck walked over to the door and opened it for them. “And I’d hate to see you disbarred. Good day, gentlemen.”

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