Saturday, August 8, 2009


He was tired. He hated dealing with rich folks that truly believed they were above the law, but the law had better serve and protect them. Chuck couldn’t wait to clock out and leave the madness of the job, if that were ever possible. He checked his phone. Hope had left another message reminding him of their “date”. Steak sounded awesome. He could practically taste it. But he didn’t know if it would be worth the badgering for information. Chuck thought back to what his refrigerator held, and the decision was easy.
“Ready?” Danica already knew the answer. Chuck had a knack for getting people to disclose information without realizing it. She didn’t have that gift.
There were ten homes on the street. They had a fifty-fifty shot of obtaining any useful information. Danica was feeling too optimistic, and she was right. It went one of two ways. Either they didn’t know her well, or they hated her. No one pretended they would miss her. “How long will that dreaded tape be up? I have a dinner party next week.” Or, “Does this mean we won’t have to deal with her loud parties anymore? Hallelujah!”
Chuck closed his notebook and headed back to the scene of the crime. They’d missed something. He was sure of that.

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  1. Very creative writing... I like it. Added you to my google reader.