Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hope couldn’t wait to hear what the detectives had learned. She wanted tasty sound bites, and she was sure she could pull enough out of him for at least two segments. Eat your heart out Wendy! But something had changed. Chuck should’ve been fawning over her, following her like a schoolboy. Instead, he was in a very friendly conversation with her mother. That made her anxious and confused. She’d been home for hours, and her mother never mentioned a visit from the police, especially Detective Chuck Thomas.
Hope stood next to her dad at the grill. She knew that he knew she was mad. But she also knew that he always stayed clear of taking sides in the on-going battles between mother and daughter.
“Daddy, are the steaks about ready? I wouldn’t want to keep our guest waiting.”
“So if I’m standing in your loft, I have a clear view of Tonya’s bedroom? And from your family room into hers? Wow.” Chuck arched his brows. “I bet you’ve got stories.”
Hope placed the piping hot plate of food in front of Chuck. His stomach thanked him in advance.
Helen giggled at his shameless attempt to extract gossip from her. “Even better. Hopie, honey, you didn’t tell him about all of those pictures?”
Helen was out of her seat before Hope had the chance to protest.
Chuck looked up at Hope in disbelief. “You have pictures? Why didn’t you tell me? What happened to professional courtesy? Or does that only apply when I’m helping to boost your career?”
He didn’t know how he felt. She had to know he might want to see them, no matter how insignificant.
“How dare you question me! I mean, who’s the reporter here?”
Helen brought in a large envelope and handed it to Hope. She looked at the two of them and quickly retreated to her seat at the far end of the table next to her husband.
“Look,” she lowered her voice and leaned down. “I apologize. The pictures were an oversight. You can take them with you. I honestly don’t think anything is in there, that’s why I didn’t mention them.”
Chuck smacked the palm of his hand with the envelope. The company had diminished his appetite. He pushed back his chair and stood. “Mr. and Mrs. Freeman, it was a pleasure meeting you. I’m sorry, but work is pulling me away. Have a good evening.”
Hope walked him to the door. She wasn’t going to give up, not when she was so close. “Are we okay? Please say we’re okay?”
“Good night Hope.”

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  1. This really looks interesting. I wonder what's gonna happen next. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward for your next post.