Friday, August 28, 2009


Every macho thought prior to entering the room vanished. As eager as he was to get out of there, Chip knew he was no match for the Grumpy Giant. He pretended to be comfortable in the metal chair, but each little breath he took, reminded him that one of the legs was much shorter than the others.
“Thank you for coming in, Mr. McCorvey.” Danica opened the folder. She moved closer to him. “I promise we’ll be brief.”
“It says here that Tonya was really good friends with Buffie.” She looked down at her notes again. “But you and Tonya, not so much, huh?”
Chip snorted loudly. “I hated her. I know, under the circumstances, I shouldn’t say that, but she was evil through and through. And those stupid velvet ribbons…ugh!”
“Hated her huh? Doesn’t look like you were hatin’ on her here.” Chuck pointed to the photo of Chip and Tonya in a lip lock.
“Let me explain.” He shifted awkwardly in his chair. “Better yet, I think I’d feel better speaking to my lawyer first.”
Hope couldn’t believe she hadn’t heard from Chuck. She admitted to herself that she could’ve handled him a little better, but she was eager for a break. It wasn’t as if she would never consider dating him, she just…well, she just wanted a story. She looked at the old plastic black and brown digital clock on her desk. The minutes felt like days. It seemed like everyone had their noses to the grindstone, with the exception of Wendy, of course. That loser was preparing for her usual cream filled story: firefighter rescues kitten from a bed of lush hostas. Hope held her breath and swallowed what little pride she had left. She could no longer win Chuck over with her charm and good looks. It had to be strictly business. The phone was heavy in her hands, and her fingers seemed too big to punch in the numbers.
“Hey Chuck,” she closed her eyes. “It’s Hope. How are you?”

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