Monday, August 31, 2009


Dara ran her fingers along the dark amethyst tablecloth. Her ‘template’ table was almost perfect. She was pleased with herself. The engagement party of the year would have her name stamped all over it. She rearranged a few items and smoothed out the light amethyst table runners. As her hand left one of the runners, she didn’t know what to make of her next thought: Buffie and Chip’s engagement party would be awesome, fabulous, and seamless. All because of the death of one woman.
Dara quickly switched her thoughts, although they were still closely related. The case demanded so much of Chuck and Danica. She wondered how he was doing. Was he eating properly or getting enough sleep? Girl, stop it!
He had never been treated so poorly in his life, and didn’t quite know how to process it all. Porter Fox stood in front of the freshly cleaned massive glass door. The owner of Victor’s, the posh jewelry establishment to the rich, glared at him from behind the expansive glass counter.
He tried to reason with the man through the locked door, in hopes that, a kind gesture such as finding a killer would persuade him to give a little information. But Vick Hunt refused to cooperate. Porter tried everything from the polite smile to flashing his badge.
Nothing worked. Porter never stepped his slight frame inside of Victor’s. Instead, he was made to stand on the other side of the door while on-lookers snickered and made crude comments. Victor made it clear that his clients were more powerful and important than Porter was. After that, he turned away from Victor’s evil eye and headed back to his truck.
“Hi, it’s Porter.” He settled into his seat. “Got your message earlier. I did find something, but I need a search warrant.”

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