Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The night was a bigger success than Tonya ever imagined. And it would only get better. It was amazing how much dirt she had on some of the folks in the room. They were so stupid. For what she knew, they should pay her millions to keep quiet.
She worked the room again, eager to meet newcomers. She would never tire of hearing everyone congratulate her on the success of the night and her engagement. Winston had chosen the perfect moment to bend on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage. Cameras flashed, and she could envision their picture plastered over the next day’s society pages. But the most thrilling aspect was looking through the crowd and finding the most pathetic face. Technically, Kathleen Phillips should be engaged to Winston, but thanks to skillful planning and a boat load of deceit, the better woman won. Now, Kathleen had to take her rightful place, cowering in a corner; a defeated calf.
The powder room was the only place she could find true refuge. Her world had fallen apart, and unfortunately, the entire town would be privy to her pain, suffering and humiliation. She leaned against the sink and tried to devise an escape route.
“Aren’t you going to congratulate me?” Kathleen turned to see Tonya staring at the diamond ring on her finger. “Well Kath, don’t just stand there looking pathetic. Come give me a hug.”
Tears streamed down Kathleen’s cheeks.
“Okay,” she touched the velvet ribbon around her neck. “Maybe a hug is a bit much. But look at this rock! You have to admit Winston really does have exquisite taste. And it’s a perfect match to the earrings he bought me last month. See? Oh my, they’re almost like yours, although I don’t think anyone has to squint to see mine.”
Kathleen was tired. “You won. What do you want from me?”
“I want you to suffer. I want to see the pain in your eyes every time you look at Winston and me.” she moved closer to Kathleen. “I want to hear you choking on your words when you have to address me as Mrs. Winston Carlyle.”
Kathleen watched Tonya’s face contort under the force of her fist. It didn’t take all of her pain away, but it felt good nonetheless.
“You stupid, stupid girl.” She said through bloodied teeth. “If you punched me for that, I wonder what you’ll do after I tell you how I snagged Winston from you.”

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