Saturday, November 7, 2009



Chuck thought about Tonya’s last moments alive. He was glad she had a chance to fight back, even if it was brief. And then he thought of Dara. She wasn’t given a chance to react. She was beaten to a pulp and shoved into a locker. But she was alive. No double jeopardy. No retribution. No justice. It made him sick.
“And the affair?”
“There was no affair.” She laughed. “Dorian was there to beg her not to come to Buffie’s party. He didn’t want his baby to be upstaged again. Pretty pathetic, I know.”
Chuck shook his head. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. It didn’t make sense. One person died and another was on the verge, all because of a party. “I agree. So why were you there?”
“Oh, that’s neither here nor there.” Liza stood and rubbed her stomach. “The amazing thing…you remember. When the cops came to arrest me, Rick was so sweet. ‘Don’t hurt her. She’s having my baby. I love you.’ I mean, how awesome is that? Being arrested for killing his kid, but he’s more worried about me and the little one I’m carrying.”
Chuck remembered it well. It was one of the most pathetic spectacles he’d ever seen. Rick Somers was twice her age, strong and powerful, yet he was almost reduced to tears when Danica slapped the cuffs on her and shoved her into the car.
Liza tilted her head and allowed him to see a new pair of diamond earrings. She looked at her watch. “Well, I can’t keep my guests waiting. See you around, Chuckie.”
“Count on it.”

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