Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Relaxer Can Be Murder

Nikki sauntered over just as Macy reclined Dara’s chair at the shampoo bowl. “I’ve got a bone to pick with you! Now I know Luther is da bomb, and I wouldn’t blame you if you had a thing for him, but let me tell you, he is ALL MINES!”
It was amazing to Dara how Nikki could be smart and creative enough to do her job the way she did, but when it came to Luther, she was as dumb as a rock. He could come into the salon and practically disrobe the women with his eyes and sometimes his hands and she thought he was just being friendly.
Dara could hear garbled voices as Macy saturated her head with warm water. She wanted to raise her head to hear Macy’s response, but thought better of it. Macy’s fingers dug deeper and the massage had turned into an assault. Dara raised her hand and grabbed Macy’s wrist. “Oh girl, I’m sorry. These people are working my nerves.” She released her grip and resumed a scalp massage so good, Dara would’ve paid double.

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