Friday, February 20, 2009

Relaxer Can Be Murder

Ben hid the large bouquet behind his back. Macy would be surprised, and he hoped she would be touched by his gesture. The ladies cooed when he walked in, and he knew the whispers would start. He watched her work, and thanked the good lord for putting her in his life. All he ever wanted to do was make her happy, but she was about to make a huge mistake. His strong-arm tactics didn’t work earlier, so he had to take a softer approach.
“Hey sweetie.” Macy looked up and saw bright blue eyes peeking over a beautiful bouquet.
Macy touched Dara’s shoulder. “This conditioner needs to stay on for about ten minutes. I’ll be right back.”
She took Ben’s hand and led him to the back.
Dara closed her eyes and prayed her lunch would arrive soon. Her thoughts were interrupted by the conversation in the next booth. “That is so sweet. I wish my husband brought me flowers.”
“Don’t be so sure,” Lucy said. “I don’t think those flowers are a token of affection. It’s more like an apology for stepping out.”
Dara couldn’t believe it. She didn’t know much about Macy’s personal life, but she always got the sense that her life with Ben was great. “Looks are deceiving,” she muttered.

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