Saturday, February 21, 2009

Relaxer Can Be Murder

Macy kissed her husband and thanked him for the flowers. It put her in a much better mood. Ben’s presence always did that for her. She returned to her booth and led Dara to the shampoo bowl again to rinse out the conditioner..
“You’re trying to rip me off! There’s no way this product, or any of the other products you want us to use cost that much.” Lucy slammed the bottle on the counter.
Macy blinked several times, clearly surprised at Lucy’s outburst. She wrapped the towel around Dara’s head and motioned for her to go back to the booth. “You can’t be serious Lu. I’m ripping you off? You haven’t paid booth rental in months, and I’m ripping you off? Gimme a break!”
Lucy stepped to within inches of Macy’s face. “You know, one day somebody’s gonna give you exactly what you deserve.”
“Oh, and I guess you’ll be the one to do it. Pack up your things. You’re done here.”
Lucy lowered her voice. “Watch your back.”

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