Friday, February 13, 2009

Relaxer Can Be Murder

“Okay Miss Dara,” Macy came around the corner. “Hop in that chair over there.”
Dara was happy to get away from the gossip, and even happier to see the small dish of relaxer sitting on the tray next to her chair.
Macy ran her fingers through Dara’s hair. “It’s about time you took those braids out. Now I can give you a swanky new hair cut.”
“Do what you have to do.”
The phone rang somewhere in the salon. “Macy,” Kandee yelled. “Phone.”
Macy grabbed the phone behind her. “This is Macy. How may I help you?”
Dara looked at Macy’s reflection in the mirror. Her face and body tensed. “Look,” she lowered her voice. “I told you I’m not changing my mind. If you want to leave and find another place, that’s fine. But I’m not uprooting everyone for you. Yeah, I know. You’ve already told me how sorry I’d be.”

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