Sunday, February 15, 2009

WOW! Women on Writing Blog: The Muffin

WOW! Women on Writing Blog: The Muffin

Writing a Valentine's Day Card of Sorts

Posted: 14 Feb 2009 11:36 AM CST

We know Cathy (and others) love the PG...but who (and what) else can writers love on this "holiday" today?

How about pens and paper for letting us to get to the basics whenever the ideas start sparking in our minds?

How about the people, events, situations, and other influences which help give rise to our work?

How about the editors and people who see promise and give us a break (or a nice check)?

How about the significant other, friends, family, teachers, readers, etc. who give us encouragement, believe in us, and want to read our next work?

Lest we not forget, the inventors who got us modernized, from typewriters to laptops and beyond? Spell check might still have its glitches (see and sometimes things just don't save correctly, but out of everything, I think my writing happens as much as it does for no other reason than I love the convenience of my computer.

To this, we could easily proclaim our love to the inventors of the Internet and the creators of WOW too, without which some of us would have never "met" and would otherwise lack such valuable insight into the field we choose to pursue.

So, even if you don't have someone to share today with, don't forget to share your love of words with others, don't forget your love of writing, and don't forget to take a second to proclaim your love of things which make your work so interesting, easy to do, etc.! Happy Valentine's Day!

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