Monday, March 30, 2009

Stinky Is Good In A Garden Of Lies

Present Day
Karen looked at her wedding photo encased in the large crystal frame. She couldn’t wait until she and Benny found their first home. Something about the way her heart pounded made her think they would find that home very soon.
Benny slipped on his jacket. “C’mon, they’re here.”
Debbie and Dennis Penn pulled in front of the tiny townhouse. They were certain to find something that would fit Karen and Benny’s needs. The power couple booked four homes for Karen and Benny to look at. The first three homes didn’t fit their needs, and a sense of doubt began to creep in.
“Trust me,” Debbie promised the young couple. “The next house is in Greenstone. And you’ll simply love it. The family just listed it with us yesterday. It was a rental for years, but after the last tenants left, the owners lost interest in keeping it up. And the good thing is you’re the first ones to see it.”
Benny wanted to tell them to turn around. He wasn’t sure he wanted to live in a town as small and as pricey as Greenstone. They were city kids; not bred to live amongst the elite of Greenstone’s “old money” community. The large homes sat, what seemed like miles away from the street. Mature trees loomed over the sidewalks, and families took walks with their kids without the fears of speeding cars or predators. It was the place he’d always dreamt of living. But reality always sank in.
Karen tried to convince him that a thirty minute commute would give him the chance to unwind before he got home. It made sense, but he still knew that no matter how they crunched the numbers, it wouldn’t add up. He looked over at Karen. They hadn’t seen the house yet, and he already knew she loved it. And so did he.

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