Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stinky Is Good In A Garden Of Lies

“I’m not so sure we can afford this area.” He said to Dennis as they stood in front of the abandoned home. “I mean, the repairs alone are probably more than we can manage.”
They dark gray cape cod with white shutters seemed to stand alone; the other homes tried to distance themselves from the eyesore. The siding was dirty and worn. Every window needed to be replaced. It was the worst house they’d ever seen.
“It’s been vacant for quite some time, so it will definitely need work.” Debbie squinted in the sunlight.
Debbie looked at Benny and knew it would take more to convince him that there was an upside. “As for the price, with the declining market and the amount of work needed, this is much lower than the price of the last two homes we saw today.”
“Why are they selling the place?” Karen walked ahead of the group.
“The family bought it for their youngest daughter.” Debbie licked her index finger and flipped through a few pages. “But as you can see, she obviously didn’t want it. She’s probably married and living in another state.”
The musty odor hit them when Dennis opened the door. Karen covered he nose and stepped into the foyer. Her eyes roamed the daisy covered walls and dirty wooden floors. Each room they entered was worse than the last. It would take a lot of time and elbow grease to determine if the home ever held any beauty.
“It’s awful, and we love it!” Benny wrapped his arm around Karen’s waist. “Let’s put in an offer.”
Agnes Michaels peeked through her drapes. All she could do was watch. She wanted to tell the young smiling couple to run. Nothing good had happened to any tenants of that house for twenty years.

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