Friday, April 3, 2009

Stinky Is Good In A Garden Of Lies

It was now or never. She couldn’t keep peeking out of her window at the new neighbors. She needed to introduce herself and welcome her to Greenstone. As the sheriff’s wife, she had taken on the role of the first lady of Greenstone. The mayor and governor’s wives had dropped the ball, so she took it upon herself to fill the spot. And she did so with an enormous amount of dignity and grace. Dayna Meeks slipped on her new sandals, checked her makeup in the mirror and headed outside. Maybe she could just meet her on the porch. But the girl seemed friendly, especially with Agnes.
The walk across the street was too short. Dayna needed more time to prepare herself. She had no idea what to say to her. As usual, Agnes beat her over there, with her pie and sugary talk. It had always been that way. Everyone in town knew how their lives would turn out. She would marry Xavier and they would travel the world. Patience would marry an older man with more money than her and they would move to France or Italy. And then there was Agnes. Agnes would stay in Greenstone and she and Larry would pop out as many babies as the law would allow. For the most part, the town had been right.
Dayna could hear the two women laughing inside, and she wanted to turn around. Instead she put on a happy face and knocked on the door.

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