Monday, April 20, 2009

Stinky Is Good In A Garden Of Lies

Karen sat in the middle of the yard. She had no idea what to do or where to start. Agnes was supposed to help her with that. But her strange behavior and sudden departure left her alone without a clue. Brad had finished power washing the house, and it looked like new. Now he and Benny were laughing and sanding the deck while she was lost alone in the jungle.
“Hello? Karen,” Dayna yelled from the driveway. “Are you still back here?”
“I’m over here, trying to figure out what the heck all of this is.” She threw her hands up.
Dayna and Xavier looked at each other. They felt bad when they got back to their house. Agnes had left Karen to struggle in a yard that hadn’t been touched in months. And although she absolutely hated gardening, Dayna couldn’t abandon her as well.
And Benny needed some extra assistance and possibly good ‘ole fashioned manly advice if he were to survive the drama that was Greenstone. Xavier grabbed the shovels, and the couple made their way back over to the Miles’ home to offer a little neighborly assistance.
“Okay, here’s the deal.” Xavier stabbed the shovel into the ground. “We put in some man-hours; you spring for sodas and pizzas.”
Ben didn’t hesitate. “You’ve got yourselves a deal.” He shook their hands.
Dayna looked around. A variety of elements had taken over the yard, from crabgrass to something that looked suspicious enough for them to stay away from. She grabbed Karen by the arm. “Let’s go over and see if Agnes is home yet. The boys should have no problem getting started.”
They didn’t have to go far. Larry and Agnes came through the gate wearing gardening clothes and strained smiles.

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