Sunday, April 19, 2009

Stinky Is Good In A Garden Of Lies

Genevieve Landau pulled out every picture she could think of. Her guests were due to arrive in a couple of days. It felt so good to have someone show interest in Patience’s home. She would do whatever she could to help them make the home the way it used to be. Genevieve even purchased a nice floral album so the girl could take the photos home with her.
“Mother, what are you doing?” Grace put the tea tray on the table. “Have you started scrapbooking without me?”
“You know Agnes and Dayna, the girls who graduated with Patience?”
She poured the tea and sat next to her mother on the sofa. “I know who they are mother. Remember, I went to the same school too.”
“Well,” she continued as if she hadn’t heard Grace. “They’re bringing by, oh, what did they say that girl’s name was? Anyway, I’m making her a little something to help her decorate the house. Maybe she’ll let me help. I think I still have some materials in the attic.”
Gracie was ready to put a stop to her mother’s ranting when she looked down at the photos scattered across the large table. One photo in particular jumped out at her. It wrapped itself around her neck. She couldn’t see or breathe.
“I’ll be right back.” She whispered.
She made it into the foyer and fell against the wall. She wasn’t quite sure what to do. She could’ve sworn she’d gotten rid of everything. Maybe she should run in there and spill tea all over the photos.
She rubbed her eyes and banged her head against the wall. “What are you thinking?”
“The better question is,” Donnie grabbed his sister. “What are you doing?”

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