Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stinky Is Good In A Garden Of Lies

“Okay boys and girls, gather around.” Xavier stood in the center of the deck and waited for the others to join him. “We’ve got our work cut out for us, so let’s keep the chitchat to a minimum.”
“Oh brother, Scout is in charge, again,” Larry leaned over and tapped Benny’s shoulder. “You’re getting ready to get a taste of what we’ve been dealing with since we were what, six?”
“Three!” Dayna interjected.
Xavier flashed a toothy smile. “I sure am hearing a lot of tough talk from a group of goobers who don’t know what is or isn’t poisonous in this yard. Yep, thought that’d shut you up.”
Karen was amazed. Xavier’s plan worked. They didn’t know how he did it, but he paired the right people together, and in the proper sections. He demonstrated how to properly and efficiently pull out the junk and dig holes for the new plants.
“No wonder your yard looks so good!” Agnes yelled over to Dayna.
“I’m sure he doesn’t need any words to boost his already inflated ego.” Brad smiled. “Need any help with that hole?”
“I’m not sure.” She hit something hard and was disappointed because she thought the good, soft soil was gone. She kept digging and pulled out an old rusted license plate. “What in the world? Hey Benny, come look at this.”
Benny and the rest of the group came over to see what buried treasure Karen had found. He wiped the dirt from the rusted license plate. “What a strange thing to bury. I wonder who it belonged to.”
Karen wrinkled her nose. The slight breeze made it impossible to escape the stench of the new mulch. “Hmm. Probably a teenager wanting to preserve their first car. I don’t know. Might be fun to try to find out who it belonged to.”
Their eyes met. Brad’s neck was hot. It was bad enough he had to be there. He should’ve stayed in the city where he belonged. Dayna bit a hole in the side of her mouth to keep from screaming. Larry wanted to rip it from his hands and burn it. Xavier refused to look at it. Agnes knew exactly what it was and who it belonged to. They all knew who it belonged to.

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