Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stinky Is Good In A Garden Of Lies

They were exhausted, and the backyard was still in need of more work than they had energy.
“Even though I had the easiest job,” Dayna collapsed on the deck. “I just want to crawl home and soak in the tub.”
A chorus of moans in agreement followed.
“About that pizza,” Brad looked at his watch. “How about a rain-check for me?”
“How about a rain-check period?” Larry leaned on the railing. “I don’t know what everyone else has going on, but our kids are gone on the weekends, so we’re free. We can get an early start on Saturday and get this thing finished up.”
Xavier gathered all of the tools and placed them in a corner of the deck. “So, I’m thinking pizza sounds good, but I’m not showing up unless a homemade dessert is thrown in to sweeten the deal.”
Karen looked at the progress that had been made, and knew she would’ve given her pinkie toe to have them come back. Besides, he’d never know the difference between store bought and homemade, would he? “Deal. We can’t thank you all enough.”

“What the heck was that all about?” Benny asked as he peeled off his dirty clothes. “I mean, Agnes was clearly attempting to flirt with Brad.”
Karen shrugged her sore shoulders. “I don’t know. That was kinda strange. And did you see the way he snubbed her? I felt so bad for her.”
“I’m just thinking,” he kissed her cheek. “Of how I’d feel if I saw my wife drooling over another man. I hope Larry doesn’t know she’s still sweet on Mr. Thoms.”

“I couldn’t find you anywhere and you didn’t answer your cell phone. Then I come home to find you dressed like a sorority sweetheart. That explains everything.” Larry kicked off his shoes in the garage. “Do you have anything to say?”
“Do we really have to do this right now? The kids won’t be home until tomorrow night. Can’t we just enjoy ourselves tonight?” Agnes slipped off her pink gardening clogs and placed them neatly in a corner beside her potting shelf. She’d hoped that the laughter and good cheer would’ve put him, and kept him in a better mood.
“I mean, did you really think I wouldn’t put two and two together? Or maybe you still think I’m stupid! Well guess what Agnes,” he stood within inches of her face. “I’m not!”
She reached up to touch his cheek but he slapped it away. She’d hurt him, something she said she’d never do.
“I’m sorry.” She touched his arm. “I love you.”
“More than Brad Thoms?”

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