Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stinky Is Good In A Garden Of Lies

“Stand up straight Donnie, and try not to drool on the carpet.” Genevieve teased. “It’s not like this is your first meeting.”
Gracie giggled and picked a tiny piece of lint from his blazer. “Just remember the lovely wife and beautiful children you have waiting for you at home.”
Genevieve nodded in agreement and opened the door to welcome their guests.
Donnie was uncomfortable, for more than one reason. He never knew what to expect, or what to say when Dayna was in the room. But he did know he’d be willing to give up his family if she said she wanted to be with him.
“Focus, you freak.” Gracie whispered.

The boxes hadn’t been opened in years. The edges of the packing tape no longer clung to the storage boxes piled in a corner of the dark basement. Why he decided to open the box made no sense to him. The contents held so many memories, as well as incriminating evidence. He had to look. She was so beautiful. He was supposed to look, not touch. But he couldn’t help himself and neither could she. Most of those memories had been suppressed until Karen started waving that stupid license plate around. “I wonder who this belongs to?” she kept saying. How he wanted to wrap his fingers around her throat. But he’d learned from experience that only solves the problem temporarily. “Seems they always come back to haunt you.”

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