Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stinky Is Good In A Garden Of Lies

“Now, we should warn you,” Dayna looked over at Agnes then back at Karen. “The Landau’s aren’t your typical family.”
Karen’s brow furrowed. She was confused and a little leery. “What does that mean, exactly?”
“Well, Mrs. Landau is great.” Agnes removed her keys from the ignition and dropped them in her handbag. “But the twins can be a little creepy, but very nice at the same time…if that makes any sense.”
“And they’re very secretive. It got to be too much for me.” Dayna sat back and fanned herself. “I couldn’t take it anymore.”
“Okay, just so I’ve got this straight: great mom, creepy twins, missing sister and lots of secrets. What, no blackmail and murder to add to the list? I’m just sayin’.”
They walked up the manicured pathway, and Karen thought she stepped into a palace entrance. She had only seen homes like that on television. Agnes and Dayna hadn’t exaggerated.
“Hello, I’m Genevieve Landau, and these are my children Donnie and Gracie.” She shook Karen’s hand and stepped aside so the others could greet her as well.
Genevieve studied Karen. She was a lovely girl; wide-eyed and innocent, just like her Patience. It would be such a breath of fresh air to have this girl around.
“Mrs. Landau,” Karen looked up at the artwork. “Your home is absolutely beautiful.”
She grabbed her hand. “Thank you. And it’s Genevieve. How about we go into the parlor while they catch up?”
Donnie was nervous, scared, excited. He wanted to run, but if he did, he may never get the chance to be in the same room with her again. Gracie was there beside him, so everything would be fine.
“Agnes,” she hugged her tight. “How have you been? C’mon, let’s catch up. And you better have pictures of those beautiful kids.”
Donnie and Dayna stood alone in the foyer. They’d known each other all of their lives, yet there was always awkwardness to every meeting.
“It’s good to see you Donnie.” Dayna stepped forward and hugged him. “We haven’t seen you in quite some time.”
He didn’t want to let her go. Her hair, her skin, her breath; all of it was intoxicating. So much regret filled him. He should’ve done things differently, should’ve worked harder, should’ve, should’ve, should’ve. He pulled away and touched her cheek. “I’ve got my reasons for staying away.”

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