Saturday, May 9, 2009

Stinky Is Good In A Garden Of Lies

Agnes was still smiling when she walked in the door. It had been so good to see Mrs. Landau again. She had always been like a second mother to her, coming to her rescue when Patience had been unkind. When Patience left, they tried to keep each other company. But after a while, it became too much of a reminder for Mrs. Landau that she may never see Patience again.
She made her way through the house to the family room where she found Larry asleep on the sofa. She watched him for a moment. The kindness of his face had returned, nothing like the other day when he was so angry with her. She’d made so many mistakes in her life, but she wasn’t going to lose Larry. Not now, not ever. Agnes wondered how she could make everything up to him. He deserved the best, and that’s what she had always tried to give him.
Sweet, na├»ve, simple Agnes had spent most of her life covering over one secret after another to protect her marriage. But it wouldn’t matter if the key Karen and Benny found came with a Blackmail Box.

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