Monday, May 11, 2009

Stinky Is Good In A Garden Of Lies

Genevieve couldn’t wait. She’d thought of nothing but the keepsake box being hidden somewhere in that house. She was certain when she found the box, she would find out who was responsible for making Patience leave.
She called Karen. “I hope I’m not intruding, but I just have to see the house. It’s all I’ve thought about since you left.”
“Oh, we’d be happy to have you. We’re just clearing out the attic.”
That was music to her ears. She would stay there all day if she had to, but she wasn’t leaving without that box.
Genevieve slipped into the pink and gray velour sweat suit her grandchildren bought her for her birthday. After she laced up her tennis shoes, she stood in front of the mirror to inspect herself. She felt good; not a day over seventy.

The call had taken him by surprise. They hadn’t spoken to each other in years. Long ago, they’d enjoyed each other’s company immensely. But as with any relationship amongst Greenstone’s elite, the pressures took them through several stages of intense awkwardness, strain, and painful moments.
“Patience had a blackmail box.” Her voice was low, but steady. “Your neighbors found the key, but not the box. I need to know what you may have told her about me.”
Larry had to think. He couldn’t remember. “I…I don’t know. Probably nothing.”
“Well, I know that mother is on her way over there. You have to find that box before they do. Please.”
He gathered the stack of reports on his desk and shoved them into his computer bag. As much as he loved Gracie, he couldn’t risk any skeletons falling out of his closet.

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