Monday, May 18, 2009

Stinky Is Good In A Garden Of Lies

Benny carefully climbed down the attic stairs with the small box in his hands. He sat it in the empty window seat and struggled with the rusted latch. He grabbed the hammer and gave it a good whack.
“Oh Kare Bear,” he smiled over his shoulder. “I think I’ve found something you’ll find interesting.”
Karen and the ladies met Benny in the living room. “Please tell us you found the box Genevieve is looking for.”
“Nope, but I did find these mysterious love letters.” He pulled a few pages from the box, and could tell by the looks on their faces that they wanted to take the pages and send him away.
“Go on.” He rolled his eyes. “I’m sure you ladies would love to sit here and read those while we’re upstairs starving. Maybe you all can figure out who the mystery man is.”
Genevieve looked at the box. She had never seen that particular box before, and wondered if it belonged to Patience. It was cute, but it wasn’t what she’d come for. She would sit with them and pretend to care until they found the real box.
“I knew you kids would be hungry, so I had Karen order a ton of pizzas and I just happen to have a few bottles of wine safely secured in the car.” She pointed to her handbag. “Larry dear, would you mind? My keys are in the zipper.”
A few bottles of wine turned out to be a case. And with the imminent discovery of the blackmail box, just about every glass in the house would be full.

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