Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Stinky Is Good In A Garden Of Lies

The pizzas arrived and the men were the first to dig in.
“Hey!” Genevieve took charge. “Where are your manners? Sit down at this table and wait for us to pass out plates and napkins. Your parents wouldn’t be pleased.”
Laughter erupted from the group.
“Now that’s the Mrs. Landau I remember.” Xavier stuffed his mouth with pizza. “Not this innocent looking lady plying us with the best wine we’ll ever taste.”
Karen passed out the plates while Dayna and Agnes handed out wine glasses and napkins. As the men helped themselves to more pizza, Genevieve followed behind and filled each glass with dark red wine.
“To our new home,” Benny raised his glass. “And all of the new friends it’s brought with it.”
“Here, here!”
“Now,” Karen wiped her hands. “Let’s see who wrote these letters and what else is in this box.”
She carefully pulled a few sheets out of the box and spread them on the table so everyone could see them. The papers had browned, but the ink still held some vibrancy. Patience Landau had saved her love letters in a smaller hope chest.

My time with you has been like a dream. Every time I look at you, I thank God that he gave you to me. I will love you forever.

A sharp pain hit the back of Agnes’ head. Maybe it was the wine, she thought. Or maybe it was because she recognized the handwriting.

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