Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stinky Is Good In A Garden Of Lies

Genevieve fanned herself with her hands. She was excited. The contents would undoubtedly tell her where Donnie and Gracie made Patience go. Her hands shook.
“Here,” She handed the key to Benny. “You open it. I’m too nervous.”
The sun beat down on the back of Brad’s neck. He worked outdoors and it never bothered him. But standing in front of a box that would surely ruin marriages and lives, made his skin boil. He looked over at the others and wondered what they were thinking. It had to be pretty much the same or they wouldn’t have hung around. Nobody just volunteers to clean out the new neighbor’s attic unless there’s a motive.
Agnes and Dayna plastered on their best Greenstone smiles, but stayed close to the men they prayed would still love and protect them when the box was opened.
“She can’t hurt us anymore,” Larry said, just out of earshot of Genevieve. “If she could, she would’ve been back to do it a long time ago.”
Benny took the key from Genevieve and carefully inserted the key into the lock. He slowly turned the key. The backyard was silent. It seemed as though even the birds and insects wanted to see and hear everything that would take place.
He looked up at Genevieve. “This isn’t the key for this box.”

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