Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stinky Is Good In A Garden Of Lies

She felt ribs crack. She didn’t know how many, she just knew she couldn’t breathe. Dayna grabbed her arms and dragged her out to the backyard. The sound of Patience sucking wind annoyed Dayna, and she dumped her limp body next to a fleet of freshly planted azaleas.
“Will you shut up?” she hissed. “That wheezing is unbearable. Be brave. And be alert. I have a surprise for you. Are you ready?”
She yanked both of her arms in the air and they continued their bumpy journey through the backyard. Patience tried to yell, but the pain was too much. When she got out of this, she was going to kill Dayna. First she would plaster her drug-induced naughty pictures all over town then she would kill her. They stopped suddenly, and Dayna let her arms go.
“We’re here! Hey!” she snapped her fingers in front of Patience’s face. “Wake up.”
Patience was weak. She couldn’t take it anymore. “Help me, please. I need a doctor.”
Dayna bent down and brushed the hair from her friends face. “I know you do sweetie. But unless he gets here in about ten minutes and with a shovel, I don’t see the point really.”
She stood over her, and with one strong thrust of her foot, she sent Patience reeling into the hole meant for the statuette in her likeness. Dayna thought she should’ve felt some sadness or remorse as she threw dirt onto her body, but she felt a strange sense of liberation. The world would be free of Patience Landau. Forever.

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