Monday, July 27, 2009


Chuck didn’t care that Dara had to work the room. He was just happy to be there with her. His nervousness had finally subsided and his comfort level was rising. The ride to Dara’s brownstone had been touch and go. He felt like he was picking up his date for his senior prom. It was ridiculous. Maybe I should turn around. Maybe I should call her and say I’m sick. A dozen other thoughts entered his mind, but when she opened the door, he stopped breathing. He had never seen anyone as stunning. He had made the right decision. Chuck knew not to expect anything. After all, the coerced invite was business related. But he was optimistic that a real date was in their future.
“Give me a few minutes, Chuck,” she touched his arm. “And I’ll show you around and point out the Who’s Who in the room.”
He watched her walk away, and for the second, or possibly tenth time that day, envisioned the two of them growing old together. He didn’t understand what it was about her, but he liked it. His phone vibrated, and he figured it was Danica checking on him. It was the Captain.
Chuck had a few minutes to calm down before he reached the station. The killers better be handcuffed to the chairs in front of his desk. Danica met him at the elevator. She was dressed in sweats and a tee shirt. Her long, thick hair was pulled back into a messy bun, and she wore no makeup.
“The one night Tony and I get to spend together,” she stabbed the up arrow beside the elevator. “And he calls us in. It better be good…really good.”
Captain Alex Barton leaned against the desk. He knew it was bound to happen, he just thought it would’ve happened in a day or two, not less than 24 hours. He watched his two best detectives exit the elevator. They were less than pleased to be back.
He held up his hands. “I’m sorry. The higher powers had an urgent message to be relayed. I received a call from The Somers’ lawyers called. Mr. Somers has made it clear that if an arrest isn’t made within the next 48 hours, he will seek outside assistance.”

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