Saturday, July 25, 2009


It was slow; the kind of day where time seemed to stand still. There were no new developments in the case, and the detectives hit a brick wall trying to contact out-of-town party-goers.
“Good news.” Danica placed the receiver on the hook. “I just spoke to the Somers’ lawyers. They’ll be in tomorrow. All four of them. Imagine that, a lawyer for each spouse. You’re right, these people are crazy.”
Chuck smiled at her. “Look at you! You did do a good job reeling them in and finally taking heed to my sometimes erratic comments. But if we were competing, I would’ve won.”
She looked at the sheet he proudly displayed in front of him. He had done well, but she wasn’t about to concede.
“You get the Governor to come in, and I’ll buy you lunch at Tessa’s.”
“Piece of cake.”
“Not so fast,” she twirled her pencil. “You have to personally extend the invitation.”
“That’s low, even for you. But I’m up for it.”
Danica wouldn’t hold her breath. Chuck hated the Governor, and the feeling was mutual. She never asked what the source was, probably a case that was somehow interrupted by local politics. There never seemed a right time to bring it up. She just knew it was deep-seeded. It was going to be very interesting to see how he would navigate it.


Rick Somers held the picture in front of him. He had just received the call, and agreed to go to the station. He would talk to them because he wanted to know what they were doing to find his daughter’s killer. He wanted to be face to face with them when he demanded that each officer in town, work overtime scouring the streets nonstop.
Rick sat behind the massive desk in his home office. He would give them a few short days to produce results. If they didn’t, he’d have to take matters into his own hands. He pushed a small button on the leg of his desk. A hidden drawer revealed itself. Rick held several IOUs that he never cashed in. Any of them would be happy to oblige. They were killers with no conscience, and that’s what he was looking for. A few days…that’s all he would allow.

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