Friday, July 31, 2009


“Have a seat, Mr. Cleaves.” Chuck pointed to the wobbly metal chair.
“Superintendent,” He wiped his palms on the fronts of his velvet pants. “It’s Superintendent Cleaves.” He’d worked hard for that title, and come hell or high water, that’s what he’d be addressed as.
“Sit down.” This jerk just set the stage for his interview. Chuck’s patience was thin when he woke up, and despite his delightful breakfast, being told how to speak to this weasel was not an option.
Jerome quickly obliged. He was nervous. No, petrified. Chuck Thomas was a large man, and Jerome was sure he would snap him like a twig if he blinked too many times.
“So, looks like you really believed in this charity.” Chuck stood over him. “What compels a man to donate this much money? I mean, that’s a lot of dough.”
Jerome’s hands wouldn’t stop sweating. Neither would the rest of his body. He could feel it dripping down his back, like a colony of ants. “I…I fell in love with the idea. I mean, who wouldn’t want to help fund an orphanage?”
“Sounds a little shady to me.” Chuck licked his index finger and turned the pages. “You pull in a decent salary, but to be able to…man, that’s a lot of money. Have you seen this Detective Cruz?”
“Look,” Jerome shot out of his seat. “I could easily stop this little interview right now with one call to my lawyer.”
Danica had been quiet up until that point. She took two steps and stood face to face with him. “Sit down you little jerk! If you wanna call your lawyer, be our guest. But sooner or later, you will answer our questions.”
Jerome was stunned, and maybe a little aroused. Detective Cruz was just his type; strong, authoritative, and packing heat. “Yes ma’am.”
Chuck and Danica looked at each other. Superintendent Cleaves’ creepiness level went up a few notches.
“You sure you didn’t have something going on with Miss Somers. Did she bat her eyes at you and promise you…?” he nudged Jerome’s arm.
“You must be crazy. I know most people thought Tonya was beautiful, but believe me, once they really got to know her, they changed their minds. She was evil, through and through.” He wiped his hands again.
Chuck wasn’t convinced. “Okay, MISTER Cleaves. If that wasn’t the case, then blackmail is the only other thing I can think of. I’ve got a few minutes, so why don’t you tell me everything that happened at the gala.”
Danica slammed the folder on the table. She moved across the room and stood within inches of Jerome’s face. “And you better tell us everything.”
Jerome raised his hand. Spittle formed in the corners of his mouth. “Is this interview confidential?”

“It won’t leave this room.”

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