Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The newsroom was buzzing. Something happened at the home of Tonya Somers, but no one was able to find out what. The police weren’t talking and neither was the family. Wendy’s phone was glued to her ear. She was begging someone on the other end for an exclusive. Hope didn’t want to be smug, but she really wanted to jump on Wendy’s desk and do her ‘I’ve got the exclusive you didn’t’ dance. But maturity prevailed and she waltzed straight to her boss’ office door. She took a deep breath before she went in. There was no way he could deny her. If he even hinted at her handing it over to Wendy, she would turn in her resignation and take her story to another station.
“What can I do for you Hope?” Davis Greene looked over his horn-rimmed glasses at her.
“How would you like a ratings boost?”
“Unless you’ve got something on Tonya Somers, which I doubt, I don’t want to hear it.”
“Here’s the deal.” She leaned on his desk. “I have what you want, but it’s MY exclusive.”
A smile crept across his chiseled face. “You got it kid. Show me what you got.”
Hope tucked her notebook back into her handbag. The deep-breathing exercises her therapist taught her came in handy. She had less than two hours to prepare. The outfit in her car was the perfect choice; serious but light. The viewers would remember her, not because she was eye candy, but because she was a good reporter.
“It’s so cute that you’re persistent.” Wendy stopped her. “But you should know by now that the next spot belongs to me. As a matter of fact, I should be getting a call any minute now from my source confirming my exclusive on Tonya Somers.”
Take the high road. Take the high road. It was a simple choice.
“Well Wendy, while you’re waiting on your precious source, I’ll be in makeup, then off to the Somers’ home.” She curled her lips. “I got the exclusive this time.”


Hope could barely stand the pressure of her rapid heartbeat. She was terrified, but in a good way. It was the moment she’d been waiting for. Only this time she wouldn’t have to mimic everything Diane Sawyer said and did. She finally made it. Hope checked herself in the small mirror. She had on enough spackle and powder to erase her lack of sleep. She was crystallized perfection. The red light went on and she gave the viewers the best five minute segment they’d seen in a while.

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