Friday, July 24, 2009


The lab was not one of Chuck’s favorite places. The various smells floating around never agreed with his stomach. If he had his way, he would send Danica each time, but it never worked out.
The tables were covered with cardboard boxes filled with evidence from the crime scene. The detectives looked at each other. With all of the evidence collected, there had to be a clue in one of those boxes.
Dacy Matthews had been the lead evidence technician several years, and she was good. She picked up a small bag and held it up in front of her.
“We found mates for every piece of jewelry in that bathroom except for this diamond earring. I don’t envy you trying to track down the jeweler. We didn’t get anything from the velvet ribbon.” Dacy placed her glasses on the top of her head. “I’m just surprised that the rhinestone stayed intact.”
“Whoever shoved it down her throat wasn’t gentle.” Danica repeated her conversation with Dr. Ayers.
“Exactly how did it get that far down?” Chuck exhaled long enough to ask the short question. He held his breath again. The lab had germs and other bad things in it, and he was determined not to become a recipient of a rare and fatal disease.
“We ran everything found in the bathroom, and the only thing with saliva was this.” She held up an evidence bag containing a comb.
“You see the handle on this?” she pointed to the long narrow handle. “This was definitely heinous in nature. I mean who would think to do something like this?”
They headed back to the station. Chuck’s head pounded. The case was no closer to being solved. They needed something big, and they needed it yesterday.
“Okay, so we’re looking for two killers with anger management issues.” Danica slid into her chair. “One of which has mad skills using a comb.”


Dara looked at her planner. She had somehow overbooked herself and wouldn’t be able to have her monthly day of beauty. She looked down at her hands and feet and conceded that her manicure and pedicure could wait. But the hair and facial…she’d have to find a way.
Tomorrow was a big day. She had always done well in her career, but she was always looking to expand. There were several couples on the list that would take notes of everything she did, especially if they wanted to hire her to out-do their host. That’s how she met her current clients. Grayson and Nikki Foster owned the city’s largest newspaper and magazine, and rumors were floating around that ownership in a production company was in the works.
“Foster’s With Flair” wasn’t Dara’s idea for a theme, but Nikki thought it was cute. It took a lot of creativity, and Dara worked it out. As frustrating and challenging as it had been catering to Nikki’s every whim, she was much easier to work with than Tonya.
Dara checked off a dozen things on her To-Do list and decided that she’d done enough for the afternoon. She would be highly visible at the gala and she wanted to look her best. She smiled when she thought about the dress she planned to wear. Chuck better brace himself.

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