Friday, August 14, 2009


The last plate was cleared away and both sat back completely satisfied and totally unashamed of their gluttonous behavior. They went through the entire stack of photos and Dara was right. She was amazing. It would’ve taken him and Danica at least two days of research to match names with faces, not to mention their whereabouts.
She sighed. “I’ve either worked with or for most of them or their parents.
“I’m sorry. Don’t get me wrong.” She quickly changed her expression. “I absolutely love my job. It’s just sometimes dealing with people who think they’re in a much higher tax bracket, can wear thin.”
“I hear you.” Chuck gathered the photos and put them back in the envelope. He paid the bill and extended his hand to her. “Ready?”
Chuck led her outside. “I can’t thank you enough for your help.” Man she was beautiful. Stay focused. “I may have to see if we have any of those Junior Detective badges lying around the station.”
“That would be awesome! I always wanted one of those.” Her laugh was full and genuine.
Okay Chuck, what do you do? You know what you want to do. Don’t rush it. Just be cool brother. Be cool. He could hear his mother’s voice and feel his father’s wrath if he strayed too far from what they’d instilled in he and his siblings about dating.
“Tell you what,” he took both of her hands in his. “If you promise to have dinner with me again, no work involved, I’ll bring you that badge.”
“I’d like that,” she smiled. “Even if you can’t find a badge.”
Chuck watched her pull off before he walked over to his car. The night turned out much better than he thought it would, and it was solely based on the company. Maybe he was jumping the gun, but he thought his parents would be proud. He’d just have to call and at least mention Dara before Tessa ran her mouth.
He slid behind the wheel. It was late and he was tired but he had to leave Danica a message. “Wait until you see what I picked up.”

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