Saturday, August 15, 2009


Chuck and Danica watched Daphne Hudson for a few moments before going in for the kill.
“She looks innocent enough,” Chuck bit the rim of his cup before slurping his coffee. “I mean, for someone who works in the governor’s office.”
The door behind her flew open, and the two detectives sauntered in, their laughter obviously carrying over from a previous conversation. “Good morning.” Danica straightened her demeanor. “I’m Detective Cruz, and this is my partner Chuck Thomas.”
“Sorry to keep you waiting,” Chuck looked in his folder. “Miss Hudson. We’ve been very busy as I’m sure you can imagine. Solving murders ain’t easy.”
“I’m sure.” Daphne shifted in her seat. “It’s been a nightmare at the Governor’s office trying to dodge the press.”
“I’m confused Daphne,” Cruz leaned on the small file cabinet tucked in the corner. She pulled a sealed plastic bag from her folder. “This was found in the handbag Tonya was carrying the night of the gala.”
It was there, plain as day. That monster must’ve carried that with her wherever she went. The edges were worn, and Daphne was sure Tonya’s fingerprints were all over it.
“See why I’m confused? We really need an explanation Daphne, because the way we see it, you have plenty to gain from Tonya’s death.”
Her body had melded to the chair. It was over. She didn’t want it to happen the way it looked like it would. Especially since Tonya was dead. The finger, as usual, would be diverted to her. Daphne was good at her job, she just had to think fast, spin it so she was blameless. She could feel her confidence rising until the giant detective placed the photos in front of her.
“Care to elaborate?”


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