Thursday, August 20, 2009


The Governor beamed with pride as the guests poured into the mansion. It was great press. Tonya certainly knew how to appeal to the major players.
“So,” Tonya slid beside the governor. “Will this help with your quest for re-election? I invited everyone I could think of. They all have very deep pockets. I’d take full advantage of it if I were you.”
“Oh, I plan to.”
“The only thing is, I’ve noticed you’ve been spending a lot of time with someone other than your wife. Can you explain that Dorian?”
“There’s nothing to explain. We’re friends.”
“I hope that’s the case, because I’d hate to be the one to break the news to Carrie. She’s such a nice gal.”
Dorian had heard enough. He didn’t care if he was good friends with her father. Tonya wasn’t going to fabricate an affair at his expense.
“You know, careers are ruined over indiscretions--”
“Indiscretions? I think you’d better check your sources and check ‘em good.” Dorian clenched his fists.
“So, governor,” Chuck gently placed two photos in front of him. “Tell us what the fallout would’ve been had Tonya told your wife about your mistress.”
“There is no mistress.” He sat up in his seat. “One thing you need to understand about Tonya. She didn’t care who she hurt to get what she wanted, even if it was a lie. Then she would buy you a gold watch and apologize.”
The governor stood. He walked to the door. “I’ve given you all I can. If you need anything else, please contact my attorney.”
Chuck scooped up the photos and held them up. “Governor, give our best to Daphne.”

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